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Group photograph of Crux members sittin on a rock formation.

Crux is the Programming and Computing club for BITS Hyderabad. From a small club of few passionate coders since it's inception in 2010, we have grown by an enormous amount. During this time, we have aimed to kindle a passion for computers and better the programming culture of the students of our college. We also strive to make things on campus easier and more convenient via the means of code.

The post holders for the year 2023-24 are Ansh Goyal - President, Rahul Jha - Secretary and Soumitra Shewale - Secretary.

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Our Technical Projects

As a technical club, we have a number of open-source programming projects that we develop, both for learning and for the use by the general body of the campus. Some of out projects are featured on the right. For a complete list, you can head to our github profile.

Crux Github Page


It is the Android version of the CMS BPHC app. The app uses standard Moodle endpoints from the server hosted at the CMS website. With features like Token based login, View list of enrolled courses, Search and register new courses, Download course content once; access locally any time, Notifications for new content Learn more...

Fest Manager

Fest Manager is a Single Page Express Application that can be used to easily deploy websites for college fests. The following Android apps also depend on fest-manager as a backend server: Pearl, Arena Learn more...

Batchsnaps Sorter

Find all images that have your face in it. This project makes the distribution of batchsnaps easier, both for students, and various clubs. Learn more...

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