Abhinav Sukumar Rao

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I am a 2018 undergrad student of BPHC majoring in computer science. My interest lies in machine learning and microprocessors. I have learnt python along with libraries such as numpy scikit-learn matplotlib keras etc, and the MERN Stack


I have made a basic bootloader which boots like a floppy disk. Link
I am currently working on building a c64 intro.
I’m part of SEDS too and working on a flight computer of yet
Here’s a MERN app for Timetable making - Link


C/C++ - more than basic
Python - more than basic
Java - more than basic
ASM (x86 , 6502) - hopefully more than basic
MERN - regrettably more than basic
Spam - demigod level


GitHub - AetherPrior
Facebook - Abhinav554.3k
Reddit - AetherPrior
Email - [email protected]
LinkedIn - abhinav-rao

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