Hridik Punukollu

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I am a Civil Engineering Undergrad from the 2018 batch. My interests change from time to time, but as of now, I make apps for iOS, using Swift.

I also occasionally dabble in a bit of competitive coding although I’m not any good at it xD


CMS App for iOS

This is a version of the CMS App, that uses the Moodle API to work. As of now, it supports all of the basic functions that one would want to use. As an additional feature, it also allows professors to add announcements to the courses they take. All data is persisted using Realm, so it can be used while offline as well. You can find this here.

Merchandise Distribution System

This project aims to streamline and make the merch distribution process easier. Source Code is on Github. Check it out, I’d love suggestions!



You can find me on:

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