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Hello World!


Well there goes my first impression.. Anyway, Hi! I’m Naman. I’m a 3rd year Computer Science student. I love programming ( didn’t see that coming ) and I mainly code in Python and JavaScript. I’m also into Hip Hop music and I can argue all day over why How I met your mother is better than Friends.


Checkout my github for all my involvements and projects ( All links are at the end ) . Some of them are pretty cool, some of them were a waste of time ( just kidding ). Leave some stars while you’re at it. K thx #### Some of the projects that I’ve worked on are : - Nuke ( A dating webapp which matches users based on the stuff they mutually hate) - Batchsnap Sorter ( Give it a picture of yours and it returns only your pictures from the batchsnaps) - Flappy Bird ( A Desktop version of the mobile game. Like I said some of them were a waste of time )

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