Raghu Nathan

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Hi, I am from 2017 batch B. E. Computer Science. I am competitive programmer and I love problem solving. I have taken part in ICPC regionals in 2018 and look forward to do well in coming years as well. I would recommend everyone to start or least try competitive coding once because its the best thing you could get if you love brain storming and problem solving.


BESit - Buy Exchange Sell App

This project was done as part of course work but the aim was to provide it for use by students of our campus. How many times its has been that we want to know whether the books or any item for that matter is sold or not by the seller and we end up messaging every post for checking its availability. Hence, wasting lots of time. This tries to address this problem. Main aim of this app is to provide organised way of buying and selling of items like books, novels and any other stuff. Currently, we are trying to implement inbuilt chat functionality so that it becomes easy to use.



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